Saturday, April 30, 2011

SK SEIHO Healing - Shiatsu

Healing Techniques (Seiho)

Seiho is the name given to the healing techniques that Shorinji Kempo teaches, and is similar to Shiatsu in its use of acupressure, the use of thumbs, palms and other parts of the body to apply pressure to vital points on the body. Seiho can be used to relax muscles and joints after training as well as to treat a variety of common minor injuries which might occur during training, such as sprains and dislocations. Basic Seiho techniques include muscle relaxation and joint manipulation. At higher levels resuscitation techniques are taught. All Seiho draws on a variety of sources, mostly traditional Chinese and Japanese medicine. Many Seiho techniques use the same vital points (keimyaku hiko) as used in both Goho and Juho techniques. Shorinji Kempo uses 138 of the 708 vital points on the acupuncture meridians.

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